Skate BLM protest

Photos by Chris Stone and Bigfootskatemag.


Skateboarding has built bonds across people from diverse backgrounds and we, skateboarders, cannot stand racial and social injustice.

This year’s “Go Skateboarding Day” has been different, it has demonstrated the real values behind this amazing sport.
Indeed, on that day, groups of skateboarders crowded the streets from Santa Fe Drive to Encinitas Skate Plaza (San Diego, CA).
Some of them waved signs “Black lives matter” and “They still can’t breathe”.

Moreover, skaters have arranged protests for racial justice such as “Bomb Hills 4 Black Lives” in San Francisco where they showed off signs for attention to black voices as they darted down the city’s hills.

Skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing are the crest of personal freedom and now, more than ever, a unified movement that stand for social justice!

Milton Larry, 24, an Oakland resident at the demonstration who has been skateboarding since he was nine said: “Skateboarding, it’s the type of thing for everybody, no matter your background or your color of skin. And events like this are really important because they bring us together when we need to strengthen one another.”


Portland skateboarders join Black Lives Matter protests – video

“Skateboarding, it’s the type of thing for everybody”